After years of staying silent on the topic of AIDS awareness, Shanghai is the second year running in the Worldwide Candlelight Memorial Remembrance Day on May 19, 2007.

The organizer of this historic AIDS AWARENESS AND fundraising event is Kathleen’s 5 Rooftop Restaurant & Events. All net funds raised will go to benefit AIDS affected families and their children, and to promote AIDS awareness throughout the city. Beneficiaries are the Shanghai Love Club (AIDS Ward in the Shanghai Infectious Disease Hospital), and the Other Foundations (Which works with AIDS Impacted Children).

Fundraising for the event will also include corporate sponsorship of the gala dinner. A number of financial contributions and donations have already been offered from some corporations and private enterprises. And finally, for individuals interested in supporting the cause (and possibly winning a prize), raffle tickets will be sold at outlets around Shanghai and their proceeds donated to the AIDS charity. Gift donations for raffle prizes from various vendors throughout the city are being dropped off daily at Kathleen’s 5. Volunteers from various companies and private individuals have also generously donated their time and effort to contribute to this worthy cause.

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