On June 10, 2007 Stephan Lukken from Weert, The Netherlands will set forth on his journey to Xi Shan Hospital in Shi Jing District 100041, Beijing, where he will undergo a 4 to 6 weeks lasting experimental transplant therapy.

An automobile accident in 1999, which cost the driver his life, left Stephan critically wounded with a spinal cord injury. Stephan first learned about Dr. Huang on the Internet. Dr. Huang is a Chinese neuroscientist affiliated with the Xi Shan Institute for Neurogeneration and Functional Recovery. He has made great strides with other patients with similar spinal cord injuries. Some fared extremely well under his treatment, others showed lesser results. Still, Stephan believes deeply in Dr. Huang’s treatment; stronger yet, he believes he needs to be treated by him.

Unfortunately, the cost of the treatment is not covered by insurance, nor is the trip and lodging for 4 to 6 weeks for Stephan and his parents. The cost of the venture approximates €35.000,00.

Friends of Stephan have started a fund with the intent of sponsoring a great portion of the cost. The organization has a board of directors and is operating very transparently.

Aside from donations, the organization collects monies from fund drives, such as an art postcard sale, trout fishing and other sales.To publicize the cause, the organization is regularly present at downtown sidewalk sales and at other local events.

You can find more information on the website www.stephanlukken.nl about budgeting and financial responsibilities.Stephan is grateful for all aid, no matter in what form.