A great day out for all the family, at ‘the centre’ with BBQ, afternoon tea, beer tent, bbq, bouncy castle, Punch and Judy show and lots of side stalls and entertainment, see you there in Beijing!

Venue: Care for Children, ‘the centre’ (Opposite the Beijing Riviera)
Date: Saturday Oct 27th, 2007
Time: 10am – 4pm
Cost: no entrance fee!

For further information contact Kay, [email protected]

Who are coming?
The western families live in Beijing and a high profile Chinese group

How can you participate?
1) sponsor the event
A -Media and Promotion sponsor 30,000RMB
The sponsor will cover the ad and leaflet printing cost for the event, and all the printing material will have ‘promote in-co-operate with XXX(the company’s name)’
B -Programme sponsor (2000-6000RMB)
The sponsor covers the cost of a programme, e.g, a band performance, a clown or acrobatic performance, sponsors logo will be on the stall/stage
C – Prizes and Ruffle sponsor (5000-10000RMB)
The sponsor can either buy some prizes (likely for children) and ruffle gifts or cover the cost CFC make it. It should be decided by October 10th. Sponsor’s logo can put on the prize.

2) run a programme
Similar like to be a programme sponsor, but it means your people are in charge of the programme organization

3) organize your people to run a stall or an activity
It could be a fun area, like face painting, clown performance, or tricks and fun activities if your staff volunteering on it.

Support Care For Children At The Village Fete In Beijing