For the 4th year in a row, Kathleen’s 5 Restaurant is organizing Shanghai’s participation in the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial on May 16, 2009.

AIDS Charity in China

On this day, millions around the world will light a candle in memory of past victims and to renew their commitment to the worldwide effort against AIDS. The light in Shanghai will be lit at the Kathleen’s 5, at People’s Square, truly the heart of this city.

Kathleen’s 5 was one of the first businesses in Shanghai to organize a city-wide fundraiser to help AIDS-affected children and in promoting Aids-prevention education. She has rallied the support of the foreign business community in contributing to this worthy cause. Her co-benefiter this year, as in the other 3 years, are the Shanghai Red Cross and UNDP. Each year, over 90 companies contribute their time, products, and money.

For the Fourth year in a row, the recipients are the Aids Department of Infectious Disease, the Chi Heng Foundation.

Through them, funds will be spent on the education of children who have lost one or both parents to Aids. These healthy children, not infected, would otherwise not be able to continue their education. Also helped, are Aids prevention efforts and Aids victims who have lost their jobs and family support due to stigma associated with this disease.

Mark May 16 on your Calendar
As for Main sponsors and organizations who are also helping, we have Eddie’s bar , lefevere peletier & associes and Dezan Shira & Associates / China .Briefing Media Ltd

Performers from DJ Michael , Jazz de funk , Baby Monky will sponsor their talents all through the evening of May 16.

Seats at the Gala are 1000rmb. Private individuals, companies, and others supporters are digging deep and reserving tables, bringing along friends and associates. ( 50 % already sold )
The After party “celebration “will start from 10 pm with tickets sold at 120 RMB with 2 drinks

Suppliers of Kathleen’s 5 are also delivering their goods at no cost for the evening.

The theme of the evening will be a celebration of the efforts of those with a giving spirit. By making May 16 a fun-filled evening, more people will be encourage to come, enjoy and to give.  Kathleen’s 5 and her sponsors promises that May 16 that all guests will be entertained and dazzled while contributing to an important cause.

This year is particularly significant as helping Aids victims and Aids education is one of the priorities of China’s Central Government. Although the exact numbers continues to be vague as local areas are reluctant to make such counts resulting in massive under reporting, experts on all levels agree that the problem will reach epidemic proportions if not addressed immediately. When President Hu Jing Tao shakes the hands of an AIDS victim it is evident that the government wants to remove the stigma that oftentimes hinders aids prevention efforts.

Kathleen’s 5 continues to do our part and calls on the larger Shanghai community to come and support our efforts.

Contact Jason or Franck at 6327 4466 ext. 23 or [email protected] for tickets, raffles, and more information on this important evening.