Samsung China revealed in its corporate social responsibility report for 2012 that during the reporting period, Samsung’s total operating revenue in China reached USD75.1 billion.

At the eighteenth anniversary of Samsung China headquarters, the South Korean company published its first social responsibility report in China. According to the report, Samsung China achieved total operating revenue of USD75.1 billion in 2012, representing a 25.6% growth compared with the USD59.8 billion in 2011.

By the end of 2012, Samsung had established 39 factories, 46 sales companies, and 163 research and business units in China; and about 110,000 employees worked in these sites. The company’s businesses covered electronics, finance, heavy industry, chemical, security, and hospitality.

Samsung’s Greater China president said that in previous years, the company’s contributions to China were mainly on the economic level such as factory construction, job opportunities, and taxes; however, starting from 2013, Samsung will enhance its activities in environmental protection and social welfare sectors.

Based on Samsung Group’s strategy for 2013, Samsung China announced that it will develop youth-oriented new welfare projects. In addition, Samsung China designated March as its welfare month and various welfare activities will be launched during the month.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Book 2012 published by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences showed that Samsung China ranked fifth among top 100 foreign-invested enterprises, attributing to its performance in green operation, social welfare, and environmental protection.